XXL ART DECO 1937 French Fox spelter bronze marked clock marble base rare

$1,250.00 1,250.00


An ART DECO French sculpture

Giant art deco clock made 1937 as the plaque on front says with the fox “Renard par Danvin” and “agree par les jury exposition 1937”

as in 1937 found as the best of that particular exposition. The clock is signed Flacard Montlucon. The clock ticks and has a nice bell chime but has not been in use for some time so needs a check up.  Renard the fox from the stories

It stands approx. 10.25” or 26 cm tall and 29.25”  or 74 cm wide and 5.25”or 13 cm deep

One of the most gorgeous Animal art deco statues I have seen in years!

 a huge heavy piece! don't miss it as it will immediatly catches everybodies attention when this stands somewhere in your house

a classy gorgeous piece





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