Unusual ancestor AFRICAN Nigeria "ISOKO OMA " Statue crusty patina

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ANCESTOR African Statue


probably an " ISOKO OMA"

crusty used patina so very beautiful

44cm tall

The Isoko live to the SE of the territory inhabited by the Urhobo, and their art reflects this association. Their artworks are designed with apotropaic functions in mind, and are kept on altars, libated, receive blessings, and are sporadically paraded about the village. The pieces have a link to ancestors, but this is rarely articulated as such, as their works are schematic and tend to idealise manly (or, sometimes, womanly) virtues. They are unusual for the incorporation of elements that seem to reflect western traditions, notably hats, and it is probable that these reflect wealth and aspiration, as they do in other contact-period groups.

Isoko pieces are uncommon and desirable. This is a charming and impressive piece of African art.