RARE PAIR XXL Genuine JACOB PETIT Porcelain 1840 Vases figurine boy girl floral

$2,625.00 2,625.00


WOW, a stunning set i found in an estate sale in Paris last week

circa 1840
50 cm height and 28 cm widest point so really impressive pieces
absolutely top pieces from the top paris porcelain maker JACOB PETIT
he worked first for the famous sevres porcelain factory and then started on his own, the quality speaks for itself

Jacob Mardochee or Jacob Petit (1796-1868)

Most of the Petit pieces had decorations that were colored pink, light green, pale purple, black and gold. He used the cobalt-blue initials “J.P.” as his mark, but many of his pieces were not marked as are these ones

many think the blue j p mark is original

His customers wanted “antique”-style china, so he made copies of Sevre vases, and many patterns of English dinnerware, Chinese export porcelain and more.

These copies often are mistakenly identified as original old pieces. But Jacob Petit porcelains are so attractive and well-made that they are almost as pricey as originals.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a very exclusive pair Vases made in the factory on Jacob Petit in PAris

this model can be found in a book also with porcelaines de JAcob Petit

a real eye catcher


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