PAIR Czech Rare antique AMPHORA pottery vases knight portraits art deco period

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PAIR Czech pottery Vases

Czechoslovakia Amphora ware pottery vases
 made sometime between 1918-1939 by Amphora Works Riessner & bears their standard oval mark

The Riessner, Stellmacher and Kessel Amphora Porcelain Works (RStK) was founded in 1892

This original Amphora factory was located in Turn-Teplitz, Austria (now the Czech Republic).

 Amphora's stylistic diversity, combined with its unwavering standard of quality, made it a world leader among industrial manufacturers of art pottery. RStK’s innovative pieces earned international acclaim almost immediately. After winning prizes at both the Chicago and St. Louis World’s Fairs, exclusive establishments, including Tiffany & Co., marketed them in the U.S. Following RStK’s success, many other potteries imitated their style and used the marking Amphora. This piece is post-WWI since it is labeled Czechoslovakia, not Austria. Today, they remain highly collectible.

special rare pieces

good condition

42cm height and 23cm widest point

so pretty impressive set