Huge Art nouveau Wrought iron Centerpiece table vase uranium glass Van Boeckel

$1,750.00 1,750.00
Antique Art nouveau huge centerpiece in wrought iron

with floral roses / flowers and centrally an uranium coloured glass flute vase

the design is attr. to the famous belgian metalworker Lode van Boeckel (1857-1944)

he has a very typical art nouveau style with wrought iron and mostly floral theme
seach on 1stidbs on van boeckel and you see his special pieces go into thousands of dollars

this centerpiece is 75 cm height and 50 cm wide at base so is really very impressive when you put a table

would directly have its place in a castle

( for transport we dismantle the top because otherwise too big to ship ( is just screwing system so easy to install again )

1910s Lier, city in Flanders

estimated 1500-2500 usd ( a signed one would have costed 4500-5500 usd )

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